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Author Topic: Hi I want a mask! [read this first]  (Read 2366 times)


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Hi I want a mask! [read this first]
« on: January 03, 2015, 05:17:47 pm »
Thank you for your interest in our fine boards. If you are looking to be masked here, this is a great place to start! Given the nature of our community we have various different memberships, and one or more of them may apply to you!

What this gives you access to:
- all of our social forums including the Restaurant at the End of the Universe, the Opera House, the Penalty Box, Media Mediums, the Royal Arcade and Anonymous. This is also the mask you are looking for if you are hoping to join the World Wrestling Federation, a Politics & War alliance. This is also the mask you are looking for if you want to hang around with members of WWF as a diplomat or whatever.

Hey, that sounds great! How do I get that mask?
- make a topic and ask for one

What this gives you access to
- all of the forums the Squire mask gives you
- access to our private IRC server and #kingdom
- access to our archive of our CyberNations forum including the government forums
- access to the Private General forum
- the ability to have a say in the future of the forums and to join the development team

Hey, that sounds even better! How do I get that mask?
- make a topic and ask for one

But surely you don't just give them to anyone???
- no, we don't.
- if you make the topic, and the community is generally behind you getting the mask, you will be given the mask
- if you are an unknown then you will probably not be given one
- our default position is giving you the mask so feel free to give it a crack

I'm an unknown/no one here likes me
- Well, that sucks

I still want to join!
- get a squire mask (if you don't already have one) and post in our social forums for a few weeks/months.
- if you are generally liked then apply and people will probably be fine with you getting the mask
- if people still don't like you then i guess you should fuck off!

If you are a dick and you abuse your posting privileges to the point that no one likes you, you will be designated a cockgoblin which means you can only view the Cockgoblin Pastures. Good cockgoblins are allowed out if they post better but without improvement they will languish there.

Don't be a cockgoblin.

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Re: Hi I want a mask! [read this first]
« Reply #1 on: January 11, 2015, 08:49:34 pm »
ur forum arrangeal and clean-up skills are sup bar

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